Our Goal.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the absolute best product on the market. These STEAKDOGS are made with the whole steer of our very own Vermont raised cattle. ALL the STEAKS, ROASTS, and PREMIUM CUTS are used in the production of these dogs, in fact the whole steer! Our farm raises animals specifically for STEAKDOGS and every cut we get goes directly into the product you see.
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The Label.

The Dogs.

You may recognize the shape, but make no mistake, we’re talking STEAK. Our STEAKDOGS are a true gourmet experience featuring only the freshest steaks from our very own cattle. Our Vermont raised cows are only Grassfed so they are naturally lean and drink only pure spring water. Taste the difference and you’ll savor…all STEAK!
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The Farm.

Our Cattle are raised on our very own farm located in Benson Vermont. Here they have 500 acres to roam and enjoy the beautiful Vermont landscape. Our cattle are completely pastured raised, this means they are able to rove our large pastures completely uninhibited eating only grass and drinking clear mountain spring water directly from our own springs. Winter is the largest challenge to raising cattle in Vermont, and while it would be easy to keep our cattle penned up in a feedlot nearby eating grain we just can’t do that. Stop by and you’ll see our cattle out enjoying the shelter of the trees along the wood line, feasting on hay that was grown right in our own fields.

Contact Us.

Feel free to email us, phone us, smoke signal us, carrier pigeon us, or any other form of communication you can think of. We’d even be happy to setup a meeting, just contact us through any of the forms below and we’ll be happy to accommodate.